Welcome to KBC Minerals

KBC Minerals is mineral supplying consultant and importing company involved in mining, processing and supply of various minerals. KBC has relationships with miners and a processing mill partner companies in India that affords us unrivalled consistency of product and supply. Our mill-based chemist tests our Barite and other minerals as it enters in rock form and again when the product has been fully processed and is ready for delivery.

KBC offers a variety of delivery options in both the USA and other parts of world. To meet client demand, we are able to deliver Barite and other minerals throughout the USA in pneumatic trailers right to your drilling site or storage facility. KBC has partnerships with warehouse and logistical operations at several border locations all over the ports in USA. These strategically placed border options offer our clients cost-saving opportunities in the form of lower transportation and logistical costs.

At KBC Mineral LLC, we are dedicated to our client's success by offering a consistently high level of product quality and availability. KBC offers high quality and competitive price in the market. If you have any questions or if you would like to discuss our offerings, please Contact us